The design of our wards in NTFGH and JCH breaks away from the norm with an innovative fan shape. This revolutionary design provides a window for every patient, which significantly improves ventilation and maximises natural light. These attributes not only enhance the patient’s comfort and rate of recovery, they also improve infection control. In addition, this ward design provides a more spacious and conducive working environment for the medical team.

More Comfort with Enhanced Personal Space & Privacy

Instead of facing the patient in the next bed, a patient can choose to sleep facing the window by his or her bed. Curtains can be drawn for enhanced privacy but the patient would still enjoy good ventilation and a view of the greenery through the window.

Creating a Healing Environment

Greenery has been strategically planted outside every window by each bed. Hence, each window offers soothing views of lush greenery, thereby creating a conducive healing environment for patients.

There are also small gardens at visitor areas to create a pleasant experience for visitors.

Optimising Natural Light Without the Glare

To create the most conducive healing environment for our patients, we took great care in planning the wards. Sun angles were studied throughout a year to nail down the best orientation of the ward towers, to achieve optimum natural daylight while reducing glare from the sun.

Haze-Ready Naturally Ventilated Wards

In the event of a haze, both NTFGH and JCH will make use of a centralised air filtration system to provide filtered air to the naturally ventilated wards. Impure air will be effectively filtered out before it even enters the room. Unpleasant odours caused by the haze and other air pollutants can also be removed effectively with this air-scrubbing technology. 

Subsidised Ward

  • 8-bedded ward
  • Fan-ventilated
  • Shared bathroom facilities and amenities
Only Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, valid Employment Pass and Work Permit Holders are eligible for admission to subsidised wards

Private Ward – Class B1

Class B Ward
  • 4-bedded ward
  • Air-conditioned
  • Shared bathroom facilities and amenities
  • Shared television and telephone

Private Ward – Class A 

Class A ward
  • Single room
  • Air-conditioned
  • Attached bathroom 
  • Fully furnished with:
    - Sofa bed
    - Wardrobe
    - Mini fridge
    - Patient entertainment system
    - Telephone
    - Television
    - In-room electronic safe