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Request for Medical Report

Request for Medical Report

The following fees apply from 1 January 2024.

Medical Report Types available via NUHS App

Fee (inclusive of GST)

Estimated Turnaround Time

Medical Report / Memo

6 weeks

​Submit your request via the **NUHS App.

Download NUHS App

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** Please add your child/parent as dependent in NUHS App if you're applying on behalf of them.

Please refer to below tutorial to submit your request via the NUHS App.

Ordinary Medical Report
​Specialist Medical Report
Filling up of Insurance Form

​Simple Insurance Form (less than five questions)
Insurance Form (Ordinary)
​Insurance Form (Specialist/Disability Claim)
MOM Form / Work Injury Compensation

Work Injury Compensation Assessment Form
​Work Injury Compensation Medical Report Board
CPF Medical Certification Form

​CPF Withdrawal on Reduced Life Expectancy Form (RLE)
​CPF Dependent Protection Scheme Form (DPS GEL)
CPF Home Protection Scheme Form (HPS W14A)
Lasting Power of Attorney Assessment (LPA)
​Second Opinion Report (for non-NUHS Patient)
​Court Appointment for Deputy Report 
Duplication of Documents

7 working days

Discharge Summary (per visit)
$11.20 (per visit)
Lab Results (per visit)
$11.20 (per visit)

Additional consent and declarations may be required for verification purposes:

​Additional Supporting Documents Required 
​Form Required
​Patient who is
Parent’s NRIC, and patient’s birth certificate as proof of the parent’s relationship to patient
Form A (PDF, 288 KB)
​Authorisation for Collection of Medical Report on behalf of the patient
Applicant's NRIC as proof of applicant's relationship to the patient
Form B (PDF, 442 KB)
​Deceased Patient
Patient's death certificate, Applicant's NRIC and documents as proof of applicant's relationship to the patient
Form C (PDF, 487 KB)
​Patient with Mental Incapacity
Patient's NRIC, applicant's NRIC and document(s) as proof of the applicant's relationship to the patient (e.g. Lasting Power of Attorney)
Form D (PDF, 268 KB)
​Foreign Worker who has left Singapore or is missing
Cancellation letter of working permit from the Ministry of Manpower and the applicant’s NRIC. A police report for missing person.
Form E (PDF, 510 KB)
Verification of Authenticity of Medical Documents (e.g. medical certificate, discharge summary)
Applicant and Patient’s NRIC​
Form F (PDF, 218 KB)

Applying for a Medical Report

1. For Singpass users: Please apply for a medical report via the NUHS App (under "Medical Report Request" module. You may download the NUHS App user guide for request medical reports here or watch the video tutorial here. Please refer to our cancellation policy prior to making your application.

2. If you are applying on behalf of your family member (parent/ child), please add them as a dependent and apply under their profile.

Please submit an enquiry using this form if your request meets the following criteria:

a)       You are not a Singpass user

b)      You are applying on behalf of a patient who is unable to provide consent

c)       The medical report is not available on the NUHS app

d)      You have a payment enquiry regarding your request

e)       You are seeking a clarification on a previous medical report request

For more information or enquiries, please contact the Medical Records Office via the enquiry form and we will get back to you via email.

Application Requirements

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions for the application requirements.

Operating Hours of Medical Report Office

  • Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5pm
  • Closed on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays

Please be informed that any request for medical report will only be processed upon the receipt of the:

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refund provided upon cancellation of investigation results, duplication of medical certificate and discharge summary. For cancellation of all other reports, an admin fee of one-third the report price will be levied. No cancellation will be allowed once the report has been written by the doctor.

Payment Mode:

We accept NETS, Credit Card, Cheque and Internet and Mobile Payment (including PayNow).

Cheque payments should be made payable to NUHSG Pte. Ltd. and mailed to:

Medical Records Office
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
1 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 609606

Charges have been updated as of 1 January 2024.

Type of Medical Report
Ordinary Medical Report
It is a report put up by the doctor based on a patient's medical records. It is a factual record of the patient's medical problem.
Specialist Medical Report
This is a detailed medical report that usually highlights the history of medical complaint or injury. The doctor will include findings of the assessment as well as his or her opinion and prognosis of the patient. For patients with orthopaedic conditions, an appointment will be arranged for the patient to be reviewed by the doctor. For other disciplines, an appointment would only be arranged if the doctor request for it.
Insurance Form (Ordinary)
It is a detailed insurance claim form to be completed by the doctor. The form will require information such as: diagnosis, details of injuries suffered, and treatment provided.
Simple Insurance Form (less than five questions)
It is an insurance form usually requested by the insurance company. The form will require information such as the: diagnosis, diagnosis code, procedure performed, procedure code and name of referring doctor.
Work Injury Compensation Form

This is an assessment to determine work-related injuries, the degree and period of disability for workmen’s compensation purpose under the Workmen’s Compensation Act. Scope of the report is as per "Medical Report on Traumatic Injuries for Workmen's Compensation" form prescribed by the Ministry of Manpower.

This may involve a review of the patient at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic.

Work Injury Compensation Objection Form

This is a referral from the Ministry of Manpower to assess and re-determine work-related injuries, the degree and period of disability when any of the parties (insurer, employer or injured worker) object to the results of the initial workmen’s compensation assessment.

Scope of the report is as per "Referral of Objection to Permanent Incapacity Under Compensation (Medical Board) Regulations 2005 - Medical Report on Traumatic Injuries for Workmen's Compensation" form prescribed by the Ministry of Manpower.

Lasting Power of Attorney Report
Issuance of LPA Certificate. LPA report fees do not include the consultation fees, if patient has to be assessed by a specialist first for the purpose of providing these reports. Consultation fees will be charged separately by the clinic on the day of the assessment.
Psychiatric Insurance Form/Report
It is a report put up by the psychiatrist based on the patient's medical records. It is a factual record of the patient's psychiatric condition.
​Therapy Report
It is a report put up by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or podiatrist on a patient’s medical records. It is a factual record of the patient’s medical problem such as diagnosis, treatment given, and performance of the patient based on the last therapy visit/session.
Court Appointment for Deputy Report
A report prepared by the patient's psychiatrist in response to requests that require a professional opinion with regards to the patient's prognosis and disabilities. It is based on an actual assessment of the patient and may involve a review at the Psychological Medicine Specialist Outpatient Clinic. Applicant has to make an appointment with the clinic for the Affidavit to be signed together with the Commissioner of Oath.
Second Opinion Report
A medical report requested by a non-NUH patient seeking a second opinion from a NUH specialist. An appointment will be arranged for the specialist to assess the patient. The patient may be required to provide the attending specialist with his or her previous medical report or investigation results.
It is a statement from a doctor to state patient’s diagnosis with no explanation of medical condition.

Note: Dermatology does not issue a memo for insurance claim purposes.
Reprint of Issued Medical Certificate
It is an application for a certified true copy of medical certificate for hospitalisation/outpatient medical leave issued by NTFGH/JCH/JMC doctors.
$11.20 per copy
Duplicate of Completed Medical Report
A photocopy of a medical report issued by NTFGH/JCH/JMC doctors.
$11.20 per copy
Duplicate of Investigation Results
Duplication of investigation results such as x-ray reports, CT scan reports, blood test results, ECG reports, Histopathology reports, Cytogenetic reports, Bone Density Report and Urine Test Result.
$11.20 per visit
Duplicate of Discharge Summary
Duplication of inpatient discharge summary that provides a summary of the patient's medical condition, diagnosis, procedure and medication given during a specific hospitalisation episode.
​$11.20 per copy
Certified True Copy of Medical Report

A duplicate copy of medical report previously issued by the doctor. This document will be for the hospital to certify it to be a true copy.

*Refunds from cancellations are NOT allowed for this report type.

$11.20 per copy

Pathology Slides

Pathology blocks are not released. However, request for pathology slides may be made at a fee. Our pathologists will review the request and advise on the number of slides that will be provided.

$23.40 per slide + $11.20 processing fee
  • Charges listed above are inclusive of 9% GST and subject to change without prior notice.
  • Additional charges such as consultation, X-ray, laboratory tests or any other charges that may be incurred in the preparation of the medical report are not included in the fee for processing the medical report. These will be charged separately.
  • An administrative charge of one-third of the charge of the medical report is applicable if cancellation/withdrawal of request is made when the medical report is already being processed.
  • Only cheque payment is acceptable for requests of medical records made via post. The cheque should be crossed and made payable to "NUHSG Pte Ltd".
  • Payment by cash, NETS or credit card is available for requests made at the Medical Report Counter.

As a general guide, the time required to process a medical report is approximately six (6) weeks from the date the Medical Records Office receives your completed application form, supporting document, and payment.

The processing time for requests for duplicate copies of investigation results, discharge summary or medical certificate is approximately seven (7) working days.

Processing time may be extended in the event that:
  • The patient defaults on required assessments crucial to the completion of the medical report;
  • The specific doctor required to process the medical report is not available;
  • Reports are requested from several clinical departments;
  • Access to your medical information is blocked due to unforeseen circumstances;
  • The application form is incomplete and/or supporting documents required for verification are not produced

Q1. Who can request for a medical report?

In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act (No.26, 2012), an application for a medical report can only be made by the patient except if the patient is:

  • A minor;
    Please refer to Question 2 for details.

  • Deceased;
    Please refer to Question 3 for details.

  • Mentally incapacitated;
    Please refer to Question 4 for details.

  • Applying for Work Injury Compensation
    Work Injury Compensation reports can be applied by either the patient or the patient's employer. Completed reports will be submitted directly to the Ministry of Manpower. Please refer to Work Injury Compensation for details.

Q2. Who is considered a minor?

A minor is someone who is:

  • Below 21 years of age;
  • Not an active National Serviceman;
  • Not married;
  • Not a widow or widower

If a patient is a minor, the request for medical report has to be made by the patient's parent or legal guardian.

Q3. How do I request for the medical report of a deceased patient?
  • If the patient is deceased, the application has to be made by the Legally Appointed Representative of the Estate. This is either an executor of the deceased's "Will", who has been granted probate, or a person who has been appointed as an administrator of the deceased's estate by the Singapore Court.
  • In circumstances where the deceased has no 'Will' and no person has been appointed as the Legally Appointed Representative of the Estate, then the application can be made by the deceased's nearest relative (who is living and possesses the mental capacity to process the application) as prioritised below. The nearest relative is the individual listed below, and is the elder or eldest of two or more such individuals:
    • First priority: Spouse;
    • Second priority: Child (includes legally adopted child);
    • Third priority: Parent;
    • Fourth priority: Sibling;
    • Fifth priority: Other relation

The applicant will be asked to fill up an Additional Consent & Declaration for Release of Medical Information for Deceased Patient Form if required. Section 1 is to be filled by the applicant. If the applicant is not the only living child/sibling of the deceased, then Section 2 is to be filled by a child/sibling (other than the applicant) of the deceased patient. Scanned copies/photocopies of the relevant verification documents eg. marriage certificate, birth certificate, are to be provided by each declarant i.e. spouse/child/sibling, as proof of relationship to the deceased patient.

Q4. How do I apply for the medical report of a mentally incapacitated patient?

In accordance to the Mental Capacity Act (Cap 177A), the application has to be made by the Legally Appointed Representative of the patient, who is a Donee of a Lasting Power of Attorney granted by the patient or by a Court Appointed Deputy.

If the mentally incapacitated patient does not have a Legally Appointed Representative, then the application has to be made by the patient's main caregiver.

The main caregiver of the patient will be asked to fill up an Additional Declaration for Release of Medical information for Patient Who Lacks Mental Capacity Form if required. If there is more than one main caregiver, each main caregiver will be asked to sign the above-mentioned form separately.

Q5. How do I process my insurance form?

The patient or the Legally Appointed Representative of the patient may submit the insurance form to be completed by a doctor. The insurance form must be signed in advance by the patient. In the event that the insurance form is not signed by the patient, the application form to request for medical report (PDF, 288 KB) has to be submitted with the patient's consent or by the patient's Legally Appointed Representative or closest relative as specified in Question 3 above.

Q6. Why do I need to pay for a medical report?

A medical report is a comprehensive summary of the patient's medical condition. The doctor will need to review the patient's medical records in order to produce an accurate report that meets the needs of the requestor.

Medical Reports are not covered under regular consultation and hospitalization fees. Thus, a fee will be charged to cover the hospital's administrative costs for providing the report. This is a standard practice across all the Public Healthcare Institutions in Singapore.

Q7. Can I use my Medisave to pay for the charges of the medical report?

No, Medisave cannot be used to pay for a medical report.

Q8: Can I claim the medical report fees from my insurance company?

You will need to check with your insurance company.

Q9: My hospitalisation bill is only about $200. How useful is the medical report for small claims?

For small claims (<$1,000), you are advised to process the insurance claim using the Inpatient Discharge Summary, which is provided to patients upon discharge. You should request for your medical report only if the insurance company requests for it.

Note: If you are requesting for your medical report to file an insurance claim, you are advised to obtain an Insurance Claim Form from your insurance agent.

Q10. I have been seen by two different doctors. Can I request for one consolidated medical report?

The two doctors you consulted were for different conditions. It is necessary for each doctor to write the medical report based on your medical condition and the treatment each of them rendered. Hence, you will need to request for two separate medical reports.

Q11. I have visited the hospital for various reasons. Which medical report should I be requesting?

You are advised to request for the medical report that is relevant to the purpose of your claim. Do note that each request for a medical report is chargeable.

Q12. What happens if the doctor is no longer with the hospital?

We will re-assign an appropriate doctor to write the medical report. The procedure for the application follows the normal process.

Q13. What happens if a medical report cannot be processed?

The release of the patient's medical information is subject to official approval. In the event that we are unable to process a medical report, the requestor will receive a notification and refund if the medical report fee has been paid.

Q14. What documents do I need to bring to collect the medical report/insurance form/medical documents?

If you are collecting the medical report/insurance form/medical documents personally at the Medical Records Office, please bring along the following documents for authentication:

  • NRIC of patient
  • If the patient is unable to collect the documents in person, please complete the Authorisation Letter (PDF, 442 KB) and bring it together with both Identification documents of the patient and authorised individual

Please note there is no self-collection for Workmen Compensation report. The report will be mailed directly to the Ministry Of Manpower.